ITT is expanding the Spearhead family of tactical radios, the company is releasing today the Spearhead HF Radio at the DSEi 2011 exhibition in London. The new software defined radio (SDR) is a multiband HF/VHF system offering long range communications, with the high frequency (HF) segment overcoming range line of sight and terrain limitations restricting communications in the higher bands (VHF/UHF). According to ITT the new Spearhead HF offers communications interoperability with existing legacy SINCGARS systems, including export versions such as RT-1702, in addition to integration with other Spearhead family VHF radios. Spearhead HF is offered as a ruggedized 20W manpack radio or a 150W vehicular or base station unit.

As an SDR the system supports specific waveforms including advanced data waveform, digital voice, GPS and communications security (COMSEC), encryption and counter-countermeasures (ECCM). The unit also has cross-band repeater function bridging between HF and VHF networks as a communications repeater.

ITT's new Sprearhet HF multiband radio, supporting HF/VHF wave bands. Photo: ITT


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