Kawasaki Heavy Industries MCH-101 (Mine Countermeasure Helicopter) Photo: Kurokishi

Northrop Grumman to Equip Japan’s MCH-101 Mine Countermeasure Helicopters

October 26, 2011: Northrop Grumman Undersea Systems business unit has been selected to supply the AQS-24A airborne mine-hunting system to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. The system will be integrated with the Kawasaki Heavy Industries MCH-101 (Mine Countermeasure Helicopter. The AQS-24A high speed mine-hunting system is operated by the U.S. Navy, towed from the MH-53E helicopter. According to Northrop Grumman the system can be adapted to the smaller Japanese MCH-101 aircraft. The system operates the sonar and laser simultaneously, thus improving area coverage rate, shortens the mine clearance timeline and alleviates unnecessary maintenance cycles. The laser line scanner that provides precision optical identification of underwater mines and other objects of interest.

Japan’s parliament Members Hacked

October 25, 2011: Computers in Japan’s lower house of parliament were targeted by cyber attacks from a server based in China that left information exposed for at least a month. Passwords and other information could have been compromised in the attacks, which began in July but were not reported to security authorities until the end of August. It was not clear who was behind the attack, which first struck a lower house politician that opened an attachment to an e-mail in late July. The virus infection continued through the network until late August.

P10412 Patrol Boat

Vietnam Receives New Patrol Boats from Russia

October 25, 2011: Vietnam has accepted two Project 10412 patrol ships built in Russia by Almaz Shipbuilding. The boats are export versions of the Project 10410 Svetlyak  patrol ship developed by Almaz Design Bureau in late 80’s for Soviet KGB Coast Guard. The Vietnamese Navy already operate two boats of this type, delivered in 2002. Two additional vessels are under production at JSC Vostochnaya Verf in Vladivostok, slated for completion by 2012. Vietnam is seeking to strengthen its control of certain disputed areas in the South China Sea, particularly, near Spratly Archipelago and Paracel Islands, where fishery areas, oil and gas reserves exist.

Philippines to Invest US$230 Million in Military Modernization

October 25, 2011: Philippines President Benigno Aquino III has ordered the release of 10 billion Philippine Peso (about US$230 million) for military modernization programs, including $40 million funding three new aircraft – a special mission plane and two light cargo aircraft. The Philippine Navy will get a strategic sealift vessel for $50 million. In addition, the 2011 budget will fund two search and rescue helicopters, 30 special purpose vehicles and 15 amphibian vehicles for the Navy. The Philippine Army will use $30 million for procurement of 14 armored personnel carriers, personal protection gear and manpack radios. Additional funding will cover buying 32 five-ton dump trucks and 55 special purpose vehicles and 150 mortars, 100 sniper rifle systems and 2,000 standard weapon systems. The Army also will get 1,376 handheld radios, 210 AV configuration radios and 100 base radios.

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