ISDEF 2011 – First Impressions


ISDEF 2011 opened today at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center highlights new tools and techniques available for emergency response, law enforcement, counter terror and special operations. Today the show also included rescue operations and handling of hazardous materials, demonstrated by rescue teams from Israel’s fire brigades. Defense Update sponsoring the event, is reporting on some of the new systems we spotted at the show.

The Israeli fire brigade's special rescue team trained for rescue operations from high elevations demonstrated the evacuation of casualties and survivors from high elevation. The unit is trained to rappel personnel at a rate of 60 personnel per hour from an altitude of up to 300 meters. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
Gilboa APR (Silver Shadow)

Silver Shadow Gilboa APR

One of the first items that caught our eyes was the new Gilboa APR, an ultra compact assault pistol we unveiled last year. The manufacturer, Silver Shadow told us they have completed development and engineering, introducing some new features, and the weapon is now ready for production. (read more)

A Compact Concept Weapon from Cornershot

Silver Shadow is also displaying here a compact version of its famous Cornershot. The new model introduces a super-compact weapon system. As the standard model, the ompact weapon is designed to fit a handgun, video camera and articulated display with the compact version weighing and measuring about half. Silver Shadow personnel emphasized the model displayed here is only an evaluation model. “The classic Cornershot is a balanced system, offering combatants the advantage of ‘around the corner’ vision and effect balanced with ergonomic comfort, and operational safety, the small dimensions of the compact model offer some advantages, but has not matured yet into an operational system.

A new concept model of a 'Cornershot Compact' weapon was on display by Silver Shadow. Photo: Tamir Eshel Defense-Update.

Magshue 3D – Beefing the Gatekeeper

Magshoe 3D series metal detector from Ido Security is another innovative product shown at ISDEF for the first time. The system first introduced at Milipol 2011 earlier this month, is designed especially for the aviation security applications. The detector is optimized for detection of metal objects concealed at the lower body, where conventional detectors are mostly challenged. According to Avishai Rotshtain, marketing product manager, the Magshoe provides automatic detection of guns, and parts of guns, knives and other concealed metal objects while maintaining low false alarm rate, ignoring metal parts normally found in footwear, like heels, zippers and ornaments. The Magshoe 3G is already operational with several security agencies in Israel.

Magshoe 3G metal detection system complementing magnetic detector gates detecting weapons concealed in the lower body and footwear, areas where conventional gates are limited in detection capability. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense Update.
Amstaf Combat Support UGV

Amstaf Tactical Robot

A new robot at the show is new weaponized version of the Amstaf from Automotive Robotic Industries (ARI). The company has already displayed the security guard version in the past, and the system is currently being evaluated for airport security missions. The combat support vehicle represents ARI’s concept of a vehicle combining the fire support and load carrying platform (mule), supporting dismounted infantry teams. (read more)

Gunshot Detecting UAVs

Microflown Avisa is now offering UAV acoustic sensors to equip miniature UAVs. At ISDEF Microflown highlights the sensor integrated on a Aerovironment Raven, offering effective situational awareness for small units operating the miniature drone. According to John Bremner, business development manager at Microflown, the sensor weighing about 200 grams can be best integrated in the mini UAVs employing pusher propellers, as it offers a clean environment for the system. The sensor can also be integrated on aerostats, typically operated on force protection missions. (read more)

Microflown Avisa displayed here an acoustic sensor for UAVS, enabling micro drones to detect gunshots from seven kilometers. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense Update.
Israeli trainees are introduced to the Quantum ExpeditionDI at ISDEF 2011. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

Virtual World to Prepare Soldiers for the Real Fight

Quantum 3D displayed here the ExpeditionDI wearable simulator, also known as ‘immersive dismounted infantry training platform’; the system was recently ordered by the U.S. Army to help preparing U.S. forces for missions to foreign theaters. The $50 million contract was awarded to Intelligent Decisions, where Quantum as a subcontractor, is expected to deliver several thousands systems over 18 months. The evaluation of the trial batches is scheduled to begin at Ft. Bennings in January 2012, supporting the Army’s Force Generation (ARFORGEN) cycle. (read more…)

CTI unveils the Octopus, Wearable Computer for the IDF

ComputerTech International (STI) has unveiled several Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) computers designed for military operations, introducing higher performance yet cost effective computing solutions for military users. The new Tamnun (Octopus in Hebrew) was developed to support the IDF dismounted command and control system. Originally the IDF considered a fully militarized solution, but the Digital Army Computer System (DACS) was proven to deliver more affordable and flexile solution using off the shelf hardware which typically advances faster than military systems. DACS is now being integrated with the IDF Digital Army System (Zayad) army-wide C4I system provided by Elbit Systems. At a weight of 7.76 lbs. (3.52kg) DACS comprises a computer ‘core’ provided by Black Diamond, integrated with GPS receiver and customer specific interface panel mounted on a wearable dock and universal tactical display carried on the soldier’s chest. Both elements are mounted on a load bearing harness. The IDF configuration also comprises an external battery pack supporting almost nine hours of operation for the entire suite. The rugged computer is designed to Mil-Spec 810F standard and sealed to IP67 immersion, enabling continuous use in harsh combat conditions. (read more)

CTI developed the DACS system based on of the shelf hardware to provide an advanced, yet affordable wearable computer. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

Rigged for Rough Rides

Offering reliable operation under rugged field condition at relatively low cost, Toughbooks have become popular with the military, however, using the system in vehicular environment requires dedicated vehicular mounts to be designed. While vehicular mounts are already available for the Toughbook, excessive levels of shock and vibrations associated with the gun firing and cross country ride require dedicated mounts offering shock attenuation, sealing and connectors supporting specific architecture associated with combat vehicles. CTI, in cooperation with Milper have developed a special mount configured in size, form and fit to meet existing chassis mounting the full-military Enhanced Tactical Computer in Merkava main battle tanks and M-109 self propelled guns. The same chassis is also being evaluated for teh Namer armored infantry fighting vehicle. According to Eyal Shachi, this COTS replacement offers an alternative to outdated military computers at about one sixth of the original cost.

While vehicular mounts are already available for the Toughbook, excessive levels of shock and vibrations associated with the gun firing and cross country ride require dedicated mounts offering shock attenuation, sealing and connectors supporting specific architecture associated with combat vehicles. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense Update