Eltics has released a new video showing unique thermal signature shaping, employing the ‘Black Fox‘. The video was presented at the armored vehicles survivability conference in Munich in January 2012. Apparently, the Black Fox has the capability to act as a cloak, being able to conceal large vehicles, causing them to blend with the background or mimik much smaller, less distinctive objects or vehicles. The same system can also enhance and shape the thermal signature of small vehicles to look much larger, for example, a Land Rover can look like the tank, as viewed in this clip. (Only as the vehicle turns, it shows its true identity since it has only one side of stealth panels, as the picture below shows.

This new capability opens interesting possibilities in the art of military deception. Based on such capabilities, a small force using a few HMMWV equipped as ‘deceptors’ can create an illusion of force concentration grouping at a certain location.

At night, these vehicles can move in company march formations, blowing up their signature to look like a tank company. In daylight, vehicles can move back and forth, as utility vehicles. With several such carefully orchestrated demonstrations, a full battalion or even a brigade could move into the area, parking inflatable decoys to look like a staging area while the true force remains at a different location. Such deployments could cause the enemy to concentrate its forces to counter the perceived threat, leaving other areas uncovered and prone to attack.

Eltics has modified a Land Rover Defender vehicle installing multiple Black Fox panels and the signature management system (modules are shown on the hood). The system can eliminate the entire vehicle from the view of thermal sensors, or be used to depict a fake image, 'converting' the tank to look like a Jeep, and vice versa. Photos: Noam Eshel, defense Update

Eltics has unveiled the Black Fox in May 2010, following the application for patents for their innovative concept. By late 2011 the company was awarded recognition for two of its claims. Almost a year later the Swedish subsidiary of BAE Systems also presented a similar development called ADAPTIV. Eltics has claimed BAE has violated its patent and, at present, this claim is being examined by both sides.Eltics continued to develop the active stealth technology and is currently in the process of the third round of funding, which, for the first time, is likely to involve both domestic and international investors. The company has recently added a ‘thermal stealth window’ for the ‘Black Fox’, this transparent surface can be used as a periscope or windshield, while maintaining the same stealth qualities as opaque ‘Black Fox’ panels.

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