“We are investing a great deal in supporting our activities in the Asian market,” Lova Drori,Executive VP Marketing at RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, told Defense Update, “Defense exhibitions offer part of our activities in this region. In addition to Singapore Airshow RAFAEL will also participated this year in defense exhibitions in Australia and will participate in the exhibitions in Thailand and India over the next month or so. We view these events as an important part of our marketing effort, a way to show our appreciation and an opportunity to conduct meetings at all levels, alongside the equipment we bring to the display.”

Lova Drori, Rafael's Executive VP Marketing. Credit: Rafael

This is quite a busy season for us in Asia. Here at Singapore we display a wide range of airborne, ISR, air defense and land systems and solutions. In Australia we are presenting our broad naval systems portfolio, including the Typhoon weapon system, Toplite EO payload, Infra-Red Search & Track and the new 11m’ Protector Unmanned Surface Vessel. Next month in Thailand, we are expecting delegates from the whole region, while at Defexpo India we’ll highlight our land systems offering.

The solutions addressing different requirements of each customer also have common lines, particularly in endorsing new capabilities such as the need to maintain persistent surveillance of certain areas, especially when combating terror activity, insurgency and control of vast areas of land, airspace and sea. Evolution of air and missile defense offering effective active defense against all types of threats, highlighting different solutions represented by the Spyder, combat-proven Iron Dome and the next generation David’s Sling. Precision attack provides the tools employing actionable intelligence to achieve the required effect. RAFAEL also offers such capabilities, with our Spice family of aerial guided weapons and newly expanded Spike family of EO guided missiles. This family has recently been expanded to include non line of sight and short range members, in addition to the man portable and platform mounted medium, long range and extended-range versions.

RAFAEL is displaying these tactical missile systems in Singapore, as well as in Thailand, where we show the missiles in helicopter-mounted configurations. The infantry member, Spike LR will be presented By Smart Systems PTe, Singapore-based.company manufacturing and marketing the missile under RAFAEL license.

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