IMI is unveiling the Whipshot, a guided weapon developed for light aircraft, offering operators of light aircraft affordable precision firepower. IMI is discussing the new weapon with a number of aircraft manufacturers, including Embraer, which was recently selected to deliver the Super Tucano under the US Air Force Light Attack aircraft (LAAR) program. The WhipShot uses an airframe derived from the Mapatz missile, using the original missile guidance system. Instead of having an on-board guidance solution the missile is tracked by the launching aircraft EO target acquisition system, utilizing a wireless command link to update the weapon’s flight directing it to the target. According to IMI, the result is a highly affordable aerial weapon, that costs much less than the Hellfire, but offers the precision and control of a guided weapon. IMI also plans to offer an enhanced version equipped with an aided INS/GPS guidance.

IMI's Whip-Shot guided missile is designed as an affordable remotely controlled guided missile to be used by light attack aircraft. Photo: IMI


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