Defexpo 2012 Opens Today in New Delhi, India

The NOA NYX sight mounted on a Tavor light machine-gun. Photo: Meprolight

Defexpo India 2012, the country’s biggest-ever land, naval and homeland security systems exhibition, will open today in New Delhi. The biennial event has grown since 2010 and will host 567 exhibitors, up from 425 in 2010. All major public sector companies (PSU and domestic shipyards) are here, along with hundreds of large and small private sector companies – 335 Indian exhibitors in total. The exhibitors will include 232 foreign companies from 32 countries, grouped in several national pavilions; the largest are those of the US, Russia, France, Israel, the UK and Germany.

India is the world’s largest importer of defense systems. The annual Indian defense budget is currently set at $16 billion, and, with projected annual growth of 15 percent, the total capital market for defense could reach over 100 billion.

Some of the companies exhibiting here announced new products for the show. Few of these items are included below.

Among the major exhibitors at the show are the Russian arms export agency Rosoboronexport, launching here a modernization package for the T-90S tank. Another Russian exhibitor KBP is displaying the Kornet-EM guided missile offered in a new low-signature vehicular version, firing anti-tank or thermobaric missiles at ranges of up to 10 km.

BAE Systems is displaying a range of land systems, including the CV90 light tank and M777 ultra-lightweight howitzer. Both are addressing ongoing procurement programs for a new armored combat vehicle and lightweight artillery systems. The company also displays the BvS10 armored all-terrain vehicle, which can meet evolving requirements for improved mobility of military units deployed along the northeast frontier and the Himalayan range.

Mk54 torpedo dropped from a Boeing/US Navy P-8I on a recent weapon test. Photo: US Navy

Raytheon is displaying a range of weapon systems for military and homeland defense. Javelin and the SMAW II Serpent shoulder-launched weapon system are two of the representative systems awaiting procurement decision at the Indian MOD. Raytheon is also discussing the Mk-54 lightweight torpedo as an optional weapon for the Indian Navy P-8I.  The Italian torpedo maker WASS is displaying here a new light torpedo dubbed ‘Flash Black’, offering extended range and speed and better precision over previous models. The new torpedo has a range of 12-mile range and a tops speed of 57-mph speed. The company launched the new development late last year and is expecting to complete development in 30 months time. WAAS’ new torpedo is headed to compete directly with Raytheon’s MK54.

Elbit Debut the LongView CR portable target acquisition system at Defexpo. Photo: Elbit Systems

Sagem DS, one of the leading French defense contractors is promoting the Hammer precision-guided weapon, providing the primary land attack weapon on the Rafale, recently selected for the Indian MMRCA. Available in 1000, 500 and 250 weight classes, Hammer can be fitted with GPS, Laser-GPS or IR-GPS guidance. The company is also promoting here the Felin infantry combat suite, along with the different components, including Sword weapon sights and viewers, as well as display systems.

Elbit Systems’ ElOp is launching the LongView CR long-range observation and target acquisition system. This high-end system combines a continuous zoom FLIR, telescopic daylight cameras, integral eyesafe laser range finder, GPS and magnetic compass. The system weighs only 12.5 kg and mounts on a compact electronic goniometer enabling highly accurate reading of azimuth and elevation data.

Meprolight displays the latest member of the NOA family of thermal weapon sights – NOA NYX uncooled thermal weapon sight for assault rifles.

The NOA NYX sight mounted on a Tavor light machine-gun. Photo: Meprolight

The sight weighs less than 1 Kg, and uses high-resolution microbolometer technology to provide clear and consistent view of targets at an effective combat range. The unit can be used as a hand-held monocular device or fitted to light machine guns, assault rifles, and submachine guns. NOANYX can be fitted on long-range weapons including sharpshooter rifles, detecting man-sized targets at up to 900m. Output can be fed to a remote screen or recording equipment via its “video out” feed. The system stores up to 3 user-configured sighting reticules and requiring a warm-up time of less than 5 seconds, the NOA NYX can operate continuously for 7 hours using 4 “AA” batteries.