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GTAG Promotes Defense Exports for Israel’s SME

Following the success of the first meeting, the Israeli Government Technology Allied Group (GTAG) is holding the second meeting on April 16, 2012. GTAG is an interest group supporting Israeli Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) active in the defense and security export market

New US ITAR Regulations Formulate Favored Defense Partners

The Treaties between the United States, the UK and Australia allows these countries to gain a commercial advantage in the global defense market, streamlining the regulatory process that often poses a significant barrier to all but only the biggest or well financed companies.

Cyber Soldiers: Hackers in Fatigues

Col. Jonathan Sweet, commander, 780th Military Intelligence Brigade,
Cyber soldiers will eventually become a familiar sight on all and every battle front to ensure smooth bug free operation of command and control combat capabilities during the next war.

Sharing Cyber Threat Information – Benefits & Risk

Since many of the private sector companies that would be certified under the new cyber threat information law to obtain classified information, are also multinational companies, it is prudent to adopt a policy whereby the individuals who are entitled to receive information under the law, are also charged with the safeguarding of the information and the administration of legal framework guidelines.

New Guidelines Pave the Way for Wider UAS Exports

TAI Anka in flight
Seeking to establish home grown UAS development and manufacturing capability, the UAE is becoming a test case for Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS export. Two companies intend to compete on the emirate's tender - the UAE based International Golden Group (IGG) and Turkish based TAI. With designs considered marginally compliant with MTCR guidelines, this case could become a game changer in the UAS export market, pushing leading UAS manufacturers to offer innovative design solutions to meet new operational objectives within these MTCR guidelines.

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