Rheinmetall Defence Displays Two Marder Upgrades


Above: Upgraded Marder APC. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

Main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) as well as wheeled armored combat vehicles continue to form the backbone of modern mechanized armed forces. Even in contemporary asymmetric conflicts, their mobility, excellent protection, firepower and C4I capabilities render them invaluable.

Rheinmetall is offering upgrading and modernization of legacy vehicles such as the Marder, being phased out of German military service, the Marder is now offered overseas, retrofitted to meet the contingencies of modern military operations. Taking two extensively overhauled Marder IFVs as an example, Rheinmetall shows how new protection technologies, improved drives and innovative build-ons based on tried-and-tested platforms can result in new, cost-effective vehicles ranging from armoured personnel carriers to medium-weight main battle tanks. The original overhead turret of the Marder has been changed for the M151 Protector remotely controlled weapon.

The upgraded Marder APC has a ballistic protection comparable to STANAGLevel 4+, and mine protection comparable to Level 3a/3b+, bringing the vehicle’s weight to 33 tons. The top deck has been lifted, to enable improved ergonomics. The improved Marder uses a 600hp MTU MB883 diesel.

The upgraded Marder is seen here with an Oto-Melara 105mm gun turret and new armor. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
A different model of the overhauled and enhanced Marder was converted into a 43 ton mobile gun system, mounting a rifled, stabilized 105mm Oto-Melara gun in a new turret.
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