RAFAEL Adds Land Systems Division, Sharpens Missile & NCW Activities


Israel’s defense company ‘RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems’ announced today a sweeping reorganization to its operating units, realigning the company along three main cross-functional domains – The main change is the formation of the Land Systems Division, responsible for a number of activities that were previously diversified under different authorities. The new division will manage the company’s remote weapon stations lines, MATADOR shoulder launched weapons, ballistic, reactive and active protection systems, and naval systems. [nonmember]Subscribe – for more insight[/nonmember].

[ismember]Next year the Land Systems division is also expecting to assume responsibility for the multi-purpose anti-tank directorate, (Spike family) currently under the missile division. This activity is one of RAFAEL’s most profitable, and moving it from one division to another was more complicated than others.[/ismember]

The division will also be responsible for the new security integrated systems (HLS) for the protection of infrastructure in land and naval environments. Giora Katz was nominated to lead the new division division.

Also part of the reorganization, two new directorates formed under the company’s Missile and Network Warfare Division will sharpen the company’s focus on growth areas. The air dominance directorate, lead by Yossi Druker, will focus on air and missile defense, offering land based rocket, air and missile defense systems as well as air-to-air missiles for jet fighters. The air systems directorate, headed by Yuval Miller will now supervise intelligence, surveillance target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), networking and communications as well as air-to-ground strike weapons, offering complete operational solutions ‘sensor-to-shooter’ based on in-house systems.

In addition, RAFAEL is also establishing the Research, development and Engineering division lead by Tuvia Ronen, to manage all R&D activities of the company, thus making these intellectual properties available and accessible throughout the organization.

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