Dutch Special Forces, Forward Observers to Get New, Lightweight Sights

Safran Vectronix AG, Switzerland was selected to provide MOSKITO TI lightweight uncooled thermal imaging and targeting systems for the Dutch military. Photo: Safran Vectronix

The Defense Material Organization (DMO) of the Netherlands announced the selection of Vectronix AG, Switzerland (a subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense) to supply 1,266 handheld thermal imaging targeting systems to the Dutch Army.

The lightweight optronic systems use uncooled thermal imaging for target acquisition. The new sights will equip various Army and Special Forces components of the Dutch militry, as part of the ‘Thermal Handheld Imaging System’ (THIS) program. The new equipment replaces the LION systems that have been used by the Defence organization since the mid-1990s.

The systems selected for the program are the MOSKITO TI, a lightweight (1.3 kg) handheld ‘all in one’ optronic system combining several high-performance sensors and modules including an uncooled thermal imager, high-grade direct view optics (DVO), Low Light TV (LLTV) channel, a laser rangefinder (LRF), a digital magnetic compass (DMC) and a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.

The system fulfills a broad range of operational needs, including day and night observation, target acquisition, artillery and fire correction, forward observer and Joint Tactical Air Controller, in all-weather environments.

First deliveries are scheduled for November 2018. The agreement also includes repairs, user training programmes, and maintenance for a 10-year period.