The International Golden Group (IGG), a member of the Tawazoon Group is showcasing Plasan’s Stinger optionally manned light combat vehicle this week at the IDEX 2021 defense expo in Abu Dhabi. After the exhibition, the Stinger will begin a roadshow demonstrating the unique capabilities of this optionally unmanned combat vehicle to several potential customers in the region.

Plasan’s Stinger light combat vehicle is a 6.8-ton vehicle based on a standard HMMWV chassis, configured with a highly protected capsule meeting STANAG 4560 Vol1 Level 4, a protection level rarely accommodated by vehicles at this weight class. The 4×4 vehicle is designed for extreme maneuverability off-road and on the road, including narrow streets in urban areas.

Stinger has accommodation for three crew members – with the driver seating in the center. The vehicle can be configured with two remotely controlled weapon stations, the main turret equipped with a 12.7mm or 30mm automatic cannon with an associated missile launcher and a light RWS placed at a frontal position, enabling the crew to look and fire across corners with minimal exposure to the vehicle and crew. The vehicle also mounts multiple missile launchers adding unprecedented firepower for a vehicle of this class.

Plasan’s Stinger light combat vehicle on display at IGG booth at the IDEX 201 expo. Note the frontal RWS.

Another unique feature is built-in autonomy. The Stinger is equipped with an electronic control unit controlling the electric steering, gear, and pedal actuators that can be activated in a flip of a button, configuring the Stinger into an Unmanned Ground Vehicle. With this capability, the crewmembers continue performing their tasks from a safe distance while the vehicle moves forward and drawing fire to uncover the hidden enemy. A group of Stingers would move to the forwardmost line of troops; the crew would disembark and deploy multiple radio-control consoles (an individual RCU is provided for each crew member).

The vehicles would continue moving forward, performing as UGVs. Once an enemy is encountered, the vehicles detect the incoming fire and engage the enemy using onboard weapon systems. Vehicles can advance to a street corner and use their forward RWS to scan the area using the EO sensors or open fire at the enemy while the whole vehicle remains behind cover.

The Light Combat Vehicle concept has evolved at Plasan for several years. The design was refined under the cooperation with IGG, addressing specific requirements from potential customers in the region. Since the vehicles are delivered as kits, Stingers can be manufactured in large or small batches using existing HMMWVs, converting the obsolete tactical vehicles into smart and potent light armored combat systems.