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Cyber Intelligence Report – February 5, 2014

In this report: Saudi Arabia to launch National e-Security Center to Protect Government against Hackers | Changes in NSA and cyber security matters due to Snowden affair | Israel’s Darknet and TOR dilemma | USA: Major retailers in the U.S. hacked during holiday season | Palestinian hackers suspected to be behind breach in Israeli defense ministry computers | Cyber Park in Beer Sheba expanding | Russia to set up a cyber-defense unit | Microsoft answers to growing criticism | Germany: Increase of Cyber Attacks | Iran unveils new cyber security products | Europol smashed financial cyber-crime gang targeting UK citizens | Japan sending Self Defense Forces to U.S. for cyber training | SEA attacks PayPal UK and eBay UK

Cyber Intelligence Report – January 15, 2014

In this report: Cyber-attacks on 29 embassies in Iran | Hackers of the Islamic Cyber Resistance Group claim to have breached Israel Airports Authority computer systems | Cracking down on Cyber Activism in China | UK Ministry of Defense dedicates millions for ‘digital insurgency’, social networking research | Obama announces new policies in surveillance in wake of NSA scandal | Microsoft hacked by the SEA while making email alterations | Major retailers in the U.S. hacked during holiday season | Russian online forum being formed to expand new cyber strategy | Controversial update to Brazilian Internet law | UK: Investment into Cyber Streetwise

A United States Attack on Syria and its Implications for Israel

On Wednesday, August 28, 2013, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron affirmed that a chemical weapons attack had taken place in Syria the previous week and "there was no doubt that the Assad regime was responsible." Despite the decision by the...

After the Damascus Attack: Ten Points to Consider

One week has passed since the attacks near Damascus, which according to American sources destroyed advanced Fateh-110 surface-to-surface missiles making their way from Iran to Hizbollah in Lebanon. Now that the dust has settled and it seems as if the strike was contained –...

INSS: An Updated Assessment of Iran’s Nuclear Program

Steam coming out of the cooling system at the heavy water production plant at Arak doesn't indicate the reactor is active. This plant is expected to enter production by the first quarter of 2014. As this reactor “go critical”, Iran will cross the point of no return in the Iranian plutonium route.

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