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Red-Sky 2 Short Range Air Defense System

Israel Military Industries' Red-Sky 2 SHORAD system is a modular, integrated sensor and Man Portable Air Defense (MANPAD) missile system. The system provides passive 24 hour surveillance, automatic alert generation and weapon cueing to designated targets, supporting optimizes firing decisions. Red Sky extends the...

BirdEye 500 Backpackable UAV

BirdEye 500 mini UAV aimed provides real time airborne surveillance, reconnaissance and over the hill intelligence for forward units at battalion level and below. The system is equipped with a gimbaled payload, which provides sharp pictures at a range of several hundred meters, as...

SAMP/T Land Based Air Defense System

SAMP/T is a land based air defense system incorporating the Aster 30 missile, designed to provide area defense and point defense for land forces and sensitive sites. The missile is effective against emerging threats, including aircraft, UAVs, helicopters and also the new generation of...

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