Vigilant Stare Launch Airborne Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) Service

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and ITT Exelis are nearing completion and testing of Vigilant Stare, a manned aircraft-based Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) concept demonstrator.

Does the US Need Two Military Clandestine Services?

The Pentagon is launching a new intelligence organization called 'Defense Clandestine Service' (DCS), focusing on interests of 'national intelligence' rather than battlefield intelligence and tactical support for the warfighter.

FINDER – Autonomous, Expendable UAV / SAIC

Finder is a low cost, (retrievable or, optionally, expendable) autonomously navigated UAV developed under a Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) initiative. Finder uses waypoint navigation to perform reconnaissance and surveillance missions. For autonomous navigation, waypoints can be updated during the flight, responding to changing user requirements and interest. It can be launched from a runway,...

Integrated Radar/EO Surveillance System

IAI Elta is proposing a sensor platform based on radar and EO technologies. Elta is currently offering an integrated mast mounted sensor group, which is based on a lightweight, modular payload such as the IAI/TAMAM POP-200, which can be fitted with a variety of observation systems, including color CCD and a FLIR, which can mount an x1.4 magnification lens,...

High Altitude, Long Loiter (HALL) UAV

Developmed by Aurora Flight Science and Boeing, the Orion, High Altitude, Long Loiter (HALL) Unmanned Aerial System is designed for stratospheric missions. The Orion will be able to cruise at an altitude of 65,000 ft for about 100 hours, powered by reciprocating engines consuming liquid hydrogen fuel. With a gross takeoff weight of 7,000 lbs (3.175 tons) HALL will be...

U.S. Army Extends Intelligence Fusion with Palantir Technology

The U.S. Army is establishing an integrated intelligence fusion and analysis capability in Afghanistan, based on Palantir Technologies, Inc. information analysis systems. The work will be completed in 16 months. Palantier provides powerful tools for analysts to fuse unstructured and structured data items from different sources, into enhanced knowledge bases. Among the tools that are likely to be implemented...

Sky Sapience Introduces HoverMast – a Lightweight Autonomous Hovering Platform

The ‘HoverMast’ developed by the Israeli start-up company Sky Sapience is scheduled to go on an operational demonstration in the upcoming months, demonstrating the system’s capability to expand the surveillance coverage of unmanned ground vehicles. The payload currently integrated on the HoverMast is the T-Stamp from Controp, a stabilized multi-sensor payload. The HoverMast will be unveiled at the upcoming...

Miniature Aerial vehicles Research

Start < Page 2 of 7 > In 1996 – 2000 DARPA initiated the Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Program initiative, seeking to develop and test emerging technologies that could evolve into a mission capable flight system for military surveillance and reconnaissance applications. The only requirement was that the dimension of the vehicle should not exceed 15 cm. There were no...

IAI set to produce drones, radars in Brazil

LAAD 2015: IAI set to expand operations in Brazil, investing in a number of strategic partnerships

Schiebel’s Camcopter Sharpens its Eyes and Ears

Schiebel continues to expand the sensor suits carried on its Camcopter S-100 unmanned small rotorcraft. In a recent demonstration the company has flown EO, SAR and ESM sensors on a single platform, addressing a requirement from the Australian Navy. In the next months it will also test a new HF-COMINT sensor expanding naval surveillance capabilities of naval forces.

Iran Claims it Shot Down a U.S. Stealth Drone

Iran’s semi-official news agencies released today some details about a possible intercept and downing of a U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel jet-powered stealth unmanned aerial vehicle.

Gearing for the Long War – Defense Technology Trends Reflected at the AUSA Exhibition

A major shift in acquisition strategy, shrinking resources and ambiguous military posture in Afghanistan and Iraq are only some of the trends contributing to the uncertainty reflected this year at the exposition of defense industries gathered for the annual Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA), held in Washington DC last week. The obvious preference nowadays is doing more with less...

SOCOM Hires Arma Global to Deliver Deployed C2 Networks

Arma Global Corp. will develop and deploy an advanced intelligence management, mission planning and control system for the US Special Operations Command. The company has been awarded SOCOM contract worth half a billion US$ for the job for the delivery of the Tactical Local Area Network (TACLAN) system.

Context-Aware Computing Rediscovers Information for Intelligence Analysts

Analysts review and file hundreds of pieces of data from multiple sources amid the everyday challenges of interagency sharing requirements and compressed timetables to provide mission-critical intelligence. However, mission success may depend on analysts re-finding that same, now critical bit of data weeks or months after they first discovered it. But making rediscovery even more difficult is how analysts...