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MC-27J multi-mission tactical transport aircraft completes first flight

Alenia Aermacchi has recently completed the first flight of a fully customized MC-27J multi-mission tactical transport aircraft at the company's test flight center at Turin, Italy.

US Coast Guard to Receive 14 C-27Js from Air Force Storage

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) will acquire 14 Alenia Aermacchi C-27Js Spartan as part of an intra-service transfer from the United States Air...

US Air Force Halts Afghan C-27A Deal

U.S. Air Force officials have decided not to renew a contract with Italian aircraft manufacturer Alenia North America to support and induct the small, Italian-made C-27A transport aircraft into the Afghan Air Force.

Upgraded AMX A-1M Marks First Flight in Brazil

The prototype of the upgraded AMX, designated A-1M flew today for the first time. The first flight was the kickoff mark for the aircraft’s...

European Defense Update – November 18, 2011

MEADS Air Defense System Progresses Despite Uncertain Future | Italy Accepts First T-346 Advanced Jet Trainer | German Government to Own Part of EADS | Secure Positioning from Saab | Cassidian to Maintain Spanish Air Force C130

nEUROn Subsystems Begin to Assemble at Istres

Saab AB has delivered to Dassault the front and central fuselage sections of the European UCAV technology demonstrator nEUROn. Dassault Aviation the Prime contractor for the nEROn. As subassemblies and parts of the unmanned aircraft are arriving at Istres, nEUROn program is entering the critical phase of assembly and integration of the final air vehicle.

Singapore Orders 12 M346 Trainers to Replace TA-4SU

ST Aerospace has been selected to operate the Singapore Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) training in Cazaux, France. As the prime contractor for...

Sky-Y / Molynx MALE UAV

Sky Y is designed as a sub-sized MALE platform. With a wingspan of 9.9 meters, and length of 9.7 meters, the platform has a...

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