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Negotiating Missile Defense in the Turkish Bazar

Turkey is negotiating a mega deal worth billions of dollars in a 'Turkish Bazar' style, where the European Eurosam consortium faces a competing offer from the Russians, through their largest missile exporter Rostec, as Ankara opens its missile defense program to foreign bidders.

France to Upgrade SAMP/T Extended Range Air Defense System

The French Ministry of Defence has launched a modernization program for the country's SAMP/T ground based air defense system. The Aster Block 1 NT (New Technology) programme will cover the modernization of the Aster 30 interceptor and associated SAMP/T air defense system that will evolve with missile defense capabilities.

Update: Turkey Remains Defiant About Co-Producing Missile Defense System with China

HQ9 on display at the Army Day in Beijing
Despite criticism from its NATO allies, Turkey would only give up co-producing an air and missile defense system with the 'China Precision Machinery Import...

SAMP / T Successful on a Franco-Italian Missile Defense Test

The Italian Army and French Air Force carried out yesterday a successful intercept of a ballistic missile target, testing a European missile defense architecture based on the European SAMP / T missile defense system.

SAMP/T Successful on First European Missile Defense Intercept Test

France carried out the first ballistic missile intercept with the SAMP/T Surface-to-Air Medium Range missile system last month; however, the news release about the test was...

OCCAR Delivers First European SAMP/T Missile Interceptor System

A major milestone was achieved with the delivery of the first SAMP/T missile by the Joint European Armament Cooperation Organization (OCCAR) in May 2009....

SAMP/T Land Based Air Defense System

SAMP/T is a land based air defense system incorporating the Aster 30 missile, designed to provide area defense and point defense for land forces...

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