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The CIA’s Leaking Cyber Vault

The CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal, including malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized "zero-day" exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation. This extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA.

Pakistan Withdraws Bid for Drones over ‘Legal Implications’

U.S. drone attacks on in North-East Pakistan, south of the Afghan border, are one of the sour points between Islamabad and Washington. According to...

Does the US Need Two Military Clandestine Services?

The Pentagon is launching a new intelligence organization called 'Defense Clandestine Service' (DCS), focusing on interests of 'national intelligence' rather than battlefield intelligence and tactical support for the warfighter.

U.S. Air Force to Receive a More Powerful ‘Predator C Plus’

The U.S. Air force has awarded General Atomics a contract to build a third prototype of the stealthy Predator C Avenger unmanned aircraft. General Atomics has already built two such aircraft and is planning to build two more, at least one is now being funded by the U.S. Government. According to David A. Fulghum of Aviation Week, these new ‘Avenger’ versions will be more powerful and will carry more payloads than the first two prototype competed in 2009. A second Avenger flew for the first time in April 2010. The Air Force has allocated $15 million for the first aircraft but the program is expected to grow in size.

Challenging Times for UAV Operations over Pakistan

In a step further deteriorating relations between Pakistan and NATO, Islamabad announced today its air defense forces will shoot down any aircraft, manned or unmanned, penetrating its borders, turning the airspace over Waziristan along the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderline into a 'contested access' airspace for aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

Iran Displays Captured RQ-170 Stealth Drone

RQ-170 captured by Iran
On December 8 Tehran came out open displaying footage of the captured drone which seems in pristine condition. Although the drone was reportedly shot down by Iran's air defense, its upper surface seems to be intact while the bottom, covered by propaganda billboards and camouflage net may hint about more extensive damage caused by hard landing.

U.S. Operatives Kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden

The ten years long chase after al Qaeda leader is over. Osama bin Laden is dead, killed by U.S. operatives. The number one international terrorist was located in a new (five year old) compound located at the town of Abottabad in Pakistan, about 50 km north of the capital Islamabad.

Double Game of the Secret Coalitions in Pakistan

While coalition forces are fighting alongside with Afghan National Army and police are inching forward to gain control of areas in Helmand, another coalition...

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