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Mission Planing Tool Helps Commanders Assess Cyber Threats

A group of U.K. companies has embarked on a development to provide tools that enable military commanders to better assess the risks and potential...

Elbit Systems Acquires Nice Systems’ Cyber & Intel Division

CYBERBIT LTD., an Elbit Systems subsidiary is acquiring Nice Systems' Cyber & Intelligence Division business. Recently established CYBERBIT was created to consolidate Elbit Systems’ cyber activities. Elbit Systems will pay up to $157.9 Million - in cash and as earn-out through 2015.

The Ukrainian crisis – a cyber warfare battlefield

The crisis in Ukraine was the largest battlefield of cyber war since Russia's cyber-attacks on Estonia in 2007 and Georgia in 2008. Russian cyber operations in Ukraine were based on the experience and lessons learned from previous attacks; they haven't left 'fingerprints' leading to the sources. Russia has managed to hit almost all Ukraine government websites and it was able to take control and to put on surveillance and monitoring all the Internet and telephone communications lines, before the invasion and occupation of Crimea by its military.

Russian Hacker Admits Malware Conspiracy in US Court

Aleksandr Andreevich Panin, a Russian national pleaded guilty yesterday in an Atlanta federal courtroom to a conspiracy charge associated with his role as the...

NSA Commander Alexander: “Critics are Mischaracterizing US Intelligence Agencies Collection Activity”

Media reports detailing secret National Security Agency collection of data from companies such as Google and Yahoo from overseas data centers mischaracterize what NSA...

Sharing Data Between Top Secret and Unclassified Security Domains

Lockheed Martin has developed a cyber security solution that allows intelligence to be securely shared among personnel working at all security levels - from...

Cyber Soldiers: Hackers in Fatigues

Col. Jonathan Sweet, commander, 780th Military Intelligence Brigade,
Cyber soldiers will eventually become a familiar sight on all and every battle front to ensure smooth bug free operation of command and control combat capabilities during the next war.

Sharing Cyber Threat Information – Benefits & Risk

Since many of the private sector companies that would be certified under the new cyber threat information law to obtain classified information, are also multinational companies, it is prudent to adopt a policy whereby the individuals who are entitled to receive information under the law, are also charged with the safeguarding of the information and the administration of legal framework guidelines.

Asia Pacific Defense Update Sept. 21, 2011

Second Successful Launch of the Indian Shourya Ballistic Missile | Neptune Prepared for Flight | Cyber Espionage Compromises Technical Data at Japan’s Defense Giant | Taiwan developing asymmetrical strategies to deal with China | Taiwan to Invest Half a Billion US$ for Pilot Training Program | China military growth to boost arms sales to Asia | China Launches a New Military Communications Satellite | Boeing Delivers Peace-Eye 737 AEW&C to Korea | BCL to deploy the First Immersive Tactical Trainer in India

How Vulnerable is the ‘Cloud’?

Modern 'Cloud Computing' operating methodology is rapidly adapted by the commercial sector but for many in the government, defense and intelligence sectors these concepts...

Cyber Warfare is Here and Now!

In recent years network attacks have grown dramatically, not only by sheer number but in their sophistication and precision. Converging computers and mobile phones,...

The Dark side of Cyberspace – Cyber Espionage Campaign Uncovered by...

In a report released earlier this month, Canadian based 'Information Warfare Monitor' and the 'Shadowserver Foundation' have warned of an ongoing, massive cyber espionage...

Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company with headquarters in Israel. The company operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, C4ISR, UAVs, advanced electro-optics for land, air and space systems, EW, ELINT and missile warning systems, data links and military communications systems and radios.

Combating Terrorism & Crime: Prowlers in Cyberspace

Terrorism and unlawful activities have prevailed and flourished in the modern information age, with criminal activity rapidly adapting cyberspace as safe haven for illicit...

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