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German Military to Administer Deep Cuts in Manpower, Procurement

Bowing under economical burden the german Government plans deep cuts in defense spending, dramatically reducing planned procurement of main weapon systems and platforms. Overall the personnel level in military services will be reduced from 185,000 to 65,000, to include only professional service members. Among the hardest hit industry group will be EADS, with its Eurofighter Typhoon, NH90, Tiger helicopters and Euro Hawk drones affected, all programs are managed by EADS subsidiaries.

Pentagon Considers Terminating the Army’s FCS Program

According to the news agency Reuters, quoting the Pentagon chief arms buyer Ashton Carter today, the U.S. Army's $160 billion Future Combat Systems (FCS)...

Decisive Cuts Define Pentagon’s Way Forward

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today laid out his recommendations for the 2010 budget during a Pentagon press conference. Among the most dramatic cuts...

Boeing Could Suffer the Hardest Blow from Secretary Gates’ Proposed Cuts

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) was hardest hit by the planned cuts recommended by Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced yesterday. If these cuts are...

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