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Eurosatory 2012 Photo Report & Dynamic Demonstration

The BMP-T represents a unique Russian concept that evolved from the Second Chechnian campaign. This massive vehicle carries multiple and redundant weapons, facilitating reliable...

Defense-Update Eurosatory 2012 Show Live – Day 3

The full PDF edition of Eurosatory Show Live is available for only 4.95 Euros before the show. This edition contains features prepared by Defense-Update team prior to the exhibition, as well as on-site reports, to included during the show. Each of the companies mentioned is indicated with hall and booth location for optimal orientation on site. The content is packed in a compact PDF format, readable with any mobile phone.

Armored Trucks and MPVs at Eurosatory 2012

Mine protected vehicles and armored trucks were always one of the hallmarks at Eurosatory. This year Rheinmetall Defense is showcasing an advanced version of the...

Elsat2100 – Low profile SOTM Terminal

Elbit Systems is introducing Elsat 2100 satellite communication on-the-Move (SOTM) solution, employing a low profile antenna and terminal transferring high data rate broadband over SATCOM.

The Big Wheels are Rolling Again at Eurosatory 2012

The trend toward wheeled armored fighting vehicles (AFV) continues, despite vehicles becoming ever heavier. This article published in Defense-Update's Eurosatory Preview outlines the new trends reflected by the various vehicles displayed at Eurosatory 2012

ReconRobotics Debut: Throwbot XT Reconnaissance Robot

ReconRobotics, Inc. is introducing the Throwbot® XT, an advanced throwable military and police robot at Eurosatory 2012. This new micro-robot provides both audio and video reconnaissance of dangerous environments. Military fire teams and SWAT personnel can quickly gain situational awareness during high-risk operations and surveillance missions using this robot.

Maxing IMU Performance into a Small Form Factor

KVH is introducing the new Series 1750 Inertial measurement Unit (IMU) at Eurosatory. The module weighs less than 1.4 lbs. (<0.6 kg). The compact package and mounting features enable easy drop-in replacement to both enhance performance and reduce cost in retrofit applications.

Eurosatory 2012 – a Compass for the 
Global AFV Market

Defense Update provides an insight into the armored fighting vehicle market trends expected to highlight the upcoming Eurosatory 2012 defense expo. Is there a future for main battle tanks? what are the growth areas? Can platforms become lighter?

Eurosatory Show Live

Defense Update is launching a new premium edition, Defense Update Show Live, highlighting news for and form major defense industry event. The series of newsletters covering the Eurosatory 2012 defense expo will include eight editions - four weekly previews and four daily editions published on-site. This premium product is designed for business executives in the defense community and is available to subscribers for a total amount of €19.80.-

Eurosatory 2012 Preview

The full edition of our weekly preview is available for €4.95 per edition. The first edition (11 May 2012) is available...

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