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Gripen NG to become an aerospace growth engine for Brazil

LAAD 2014 Defense-Update: Following the Memorandum of Understanding announced on 11 July 2014, Saab and Embraer have signed today an agreement for the joint management of the F-X2 Project for the Brazilian Air Force. The sale of 36 Gripen NG aircraft to Brazil under a contract worth US$ 4.55 Billion provides for a complete, ‘turnkey weapon system’, with comprehensive logistic support that includes training, spare parts, support, planning and maintenance.

A Win for Saab: Brazil Opts for the Gripen NG

After more than ten years of discussion, President Dilma Rousseff decided the purchase of Gripen NG fighter, the Swedish Saab, for the FAB (Brazilian...

Reevaluation of Brazil’s FX-2 Fighter Program Could Help Saab

Brazilian new President Dilma Rousseff is apparently pushing back the decision on the acquisition of the new fighter aircraft for Brazil's Air Force sometime to 2012. Local reports are citing reduced government expenditure as the reason for the delay.

Brazil’s FX-2 – Time for Decision

The announcement of the winner to provide the next generation fighter for the Brazilian Air Force has been postponed for at least a month,...

Final Round for Brazil’s F-X2

Brazil squeezes Boeing and Saab to match the terms of the mega-deal agreed by the presidents of the two countries. After Eurocopter and DCSN have already...

Could Brazil’s F-X2 Fighter Modernization Program Grow into Mega Deal?

While Brazil is evaluating the proposals submitted by the three finalists - Boeing, Dassault and Saab, the government and Air Force are also reevaluating...

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