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HDT Presents the Storm SRTV for Special Ops

HDT is showing at the Modern Day Marine its new Storm SRTV, developed in conjunction with Special Operations Forces.

JPADS – The Way Ahead

Start < Page 5 of 6 > Heavier classes of Joint Precision Airdrop System systems are planned for fielding in the near future. These include the JPADS-L...

JPADS XL Program

Start < Page 4 of 6 > JPADS basic weight class focuses on low-cost systems such as the Screamer and Affordable Guided Airdrop System (AGAS), developed by...

GPS Guided Cargo Systems

Start < Page 3 of 6 > In recent years, GPS-guided ram-air parachutes render more flexibility to load drops. Since 2004, the US Marine Corps have been...

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