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Sandcat + SCAT = Combating Terror and Urban Violence

Plasan showcases a new variant of its Sandcat Stormer armored vehicle designed as an SUV for police, anti-terror/anti-riot rapid response, and security forces. The vehicle is equipped with remotely controlled overhead sensor and weapon system dubbed ‘SCAT’, designed specifically to address violent crowds using non-lethal means.

Long Range Acoustic Device – LRAD

LRAD – is a long-range hailing and warning, directed acoustic device designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility in a 15-30 degree...

Non Lethal Directed Energy Weapons

Start < Page 5 of 6 > Anti-personnel non lethal directed energy weapons include lasers, high power electro-magnetic pulse and directional acoustic weapons. One of the...

Panoramic IR Scanners & Stand-Off Measures

Start < Page 4 of 9 > Automatic infrared systems can augment, and sometime replace radars in certain missions. Typical systems are the ADIR, from Elbit...

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