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India to Buy 145 M777 Howitzers From US

India's Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) approved the acquisition 145 M777 ultra light weight howitzers from the United States. 25 of the howitzers will be delivered from the US and 120 delivered from an Indian assembly and integration facility created in India by Mahindra. The contract is expected to be worth about $750.

Extended Range Modifications Could Double the Range of Current Howitzers

Picatinny Arsenal engineers have been working to create a longer, newly modified M777A2 howitzer that has the potential to double the range of current M777 artillery systems. Charged with developing technology to extend the range of all 155mm artillery, the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) project is funded by science and technology office at the US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC).

India to purchase US M777 Howitzers from BAE Systems

Nearly 27 years after the controversy over the purchase of howitzers from Swedish-based AB Bofors the Government of India approved today the purchase of 145 M77 155/39-caliber howitzers at a total cost of $650 million from BAE Systems.

Defexpo 2012 Opens Today in New Delhi, India

Defexpo India 2012, the country’s biggest-ever land, naval and homeland security systems exhibition, will open today in New Delhi. The biennial event has grown since 2010 and will host 567 exhibitors, 232 of them coming from abroad. Some of the exhibitors have released details about what they intend to display here.

Excalibur GPS Artillery Projectile Debut in Afghanistan

// // Soldiers fired the first 155mm GPS-guided Excalibur artillery round in Afghanistan Feb. 25. The Excalibur was fired using the M-777A2 155mm howitzer. The M-777...

Lightweight Prime Mover to Tow USMC’s M777 Guns

The U.S. Marine Corps have received the initial four Lightweight Prime Mover (LWPM) vehicles from Lockheed Martin’s Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) program. The...

DSEi-2005 Exhibition Review

Britain's tri-service defense exhibition DSEi 2005 held in mid September in London justified the market expectations becoming one of the world's leading defense events....

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