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Embraer to manage Gripen NG development and production for Brazil’s F-X2...

Brazilian aerospace company Embraer announced today it will coordinate all development and production activities in Brazil on behalf of Saab and, in addition to its own extensive work packages, will participate in systems development, integration, flight tests, final assembly and deliveries. 

Foreign Legal Threat – an Unknown Regulatory Risk

Commentary by Dr. Shuki Friedman: Approximately two years ago, an Israeli company with extensive international operations found itself in a precarious, unusual crisis: blacklisted...

India: Major Policy Shift Favor Local Suppliers in Defense Programs

The Indian Ministry of Defense is about to introduce a major change in its defense procurement policy, giving a priority to local companies through rating 'Buy and Make' (Indian production of goods) as the top category for procurement. This 'India First' policy will provide first opportunity in all contracts to Indian companies, from the public and private sector, while placing procurement from foreign suppliers as the last option. Another move to exclude software and consulting services from offset list, is a fallout of the recent VVIP scandal.

Alten Group and Maini Group Partner to Gain Larger Market Share...

The European engineering and technology consulting company Alten Group announced that it has partnered with the Maini Group of India, a leading design and manufacturing company in the Indian private sector.

Aero-India 2013: India Becoming a Strategic Growth Market for IAI

IAI’s President and CEO Joseph Weiss
With annual sales of over US$3.4 billion, and orders backlog exceeding nine billion US$, IAI is ranked among Israel’s top five industries. New opportunities and growing competition are driving IAI to expand its Indian operations over a wider spectrum, entering new fields where it wasn’t present before. Carrying the company into the next decade, IAI’s President and CEO Joseph Weiss defines several pillars for IAI’s activities, including missiles, unmanned systems, special mission aircraft and network centric warfare – all are considered to be IAI’s primary growth engines.

RAFAEL Sharpens Strategy for Closer Cooperation With India

Oron Oriol, RAFAEL's VP Marketing & Business Development
VP Marketing and Business Development talks to Defense Update about RAFAEL's strategy for India

India Relaxes Offset Guidelines, Sets 20% penalty on Failure to Fulfill...

Amid growing criticism of its unrealistic demands for buyback, India has relaxed its offset guidelines to enable foreign vendors to fulfill their obligations in timely manner by including Technology Transfer and R&D as offsets. New Delhi also imposed a 20% penalty on vendors failing to fulfill their offset obligations within the prescribed timeframe, as set by the Defense Department procurement procedure.

Buy Indian, Make Indian

The introduction of the "Buy and Make (Indian)" category in the defense acquisition process aims to increase participation by the Indian Industry for meeting India’s requirements for state-of-the-art defense systems and platforms. The procedure will enable Indian defense sector firms to get into tie-ups with technology providers through the mode of technology transfer and joint ventures.

Aerospace & Defense Growth to be Driven by India’s Private Sector

Through the years India has established an impressive infrastructure of aerospace and defense research, development and manufacturing base, yet – except of strategic programs, for which India could depend only on itself, the defense sector failed to provide modern, effective military hardware that would par with the systems and technologies the Indian military deserve.

Defense Reports: The Turkish Defense Industry 2011-2016

In recent years Turkey is standing out as one of the growth defense markets. This report provides a top level overview of the Turkish defense market, and domestic defense industry. The reports identifies emerging trends and opportunities in the Turkish defense industry in the last 12 months, along with details of the top companies active across the Turkish defense industry. The report also provides a breakdown of the Turkish defense industry by spend pattern valued from 2005 through 2010 and forecasted from 2011 through 2016, a breakdown of the markets by segments valued for the same periods.

Defense Reports: The Australian Defense Industry 2011-2016

Australian defense is considered one of the world's growth markets, even in the recent tough years. In 2009, the Australian government launched a new military modernization plan to upgrade its forces in order to counteract the threat posed by rising global terrorism, changing political dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region and the rising number of peacekeeping operations undertaken by Australian forces. With the exception of an anomaly in 2010, defense expenditure as a percentage of Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected rise consistently through 2016. In the years after, this rate is expected to be reduced again, to cover increased sustainment costs.

Defense Reports: The French Defense Industry 2011-2016

This 194 page report provides a top level overview of the French defense industry, offering insights into market opportunities and entry strategies adopted by foreign OEMs to gain a market share in the French defense market. In particular, it offers in-depth analysis of defense industry market size from 2005 through 2010 and forecasts till 2016 and provides an insight into the French defense market with current, historic and forecast market values.

Defense Reports: The Canadian Defense Industry 2011-2016

Market Opportunities and Entry Strategies, Analyses and Forecasts to 2016 This 167 page report provides a top level overview of the Canadian defense industry, offering...

Defense Reports: The Swedish Defense Industry 2011-2016

The Swedish Defense Industry 2011-2016 - this 156 page report provides a top level overview of the Swedish defense industry, offering insights into market opportunities and entry strategies adopted by foreign OEMs to gain a market share in the Swedish defense industry.

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