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Carbon fiber clouds hiding naval destroyers from anti-ship missiles

The US Navy has tested radar absorbing carbon-fiber cloud generators on board ships, which could be used to protect naval vessels from attacks by radar-guided anti-ship and air-launched cruise missiles

US Report Recommending Hosting of US Carrier Force Rejected by Australia

Australia publicly rejected a basing proposal announced by a Washington-based “think tank” that called for basing a United States’ nuclear aircraft carrier strike group at Australia’s naval base near the city of Perth on 23 August. The basing concept, developed by an independent research group, has not been endorsed by the US government.

RIMPAC 2012 – Naval Forces Roaming in the Pacific

Hawaii became the focus of the largest Pacific naval exercise on 29 June as international navies converged on the islands to begin Rim of the Pacific 2012. This is the 23rd exercise in the RIMPAC series and promises to be the largest ever.

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