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Indian Government Clears $1.1 Billion Acquisition of Israeli AEW Planes

The Indian Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), the highest executive body that takes a call on defense matters, has cleared the acquisition of two Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) platforms, from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at a cost of US$1.1 billion (Rs 7,500 crore).

Indian Market Becoming Competitive and Cooperative for Israel’s Defense Exports

Shadowed by the huge growth in defense acquisitions from the US, Israel remains one of the fastest growing defense suppliers in India, a position that is particularly impressive given the fact that Israel is not selling India the main platforms, but the systems and subsystems that are critical for their operational success.

India Mulls Additional AEW Procurement

The Indian Air Force is seeking government approval to order two additional Il-76 Phalcon AWACS aircraft at a cost of $800 million, to expand...

India Seek To Expand AEW Fleet to Extend Airspace Coverage

India is integrating several versions of airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) systems, integrated on board Russian and Brazilian aircraft, providing the Indian Air...

Delivery of Indian AEW Aircraft Delayed to Early 2009

With flight testing continued beyond schedule, delivery of the first aircraft has slipped in about six months. Meanwhile, India plans buying more Aerostat-borne radars...

India Plans to Expand AEW Capability

India is expected to expand its fleet of airborne warning and Command Systems (AWACS) adding up to five additional platforms to the three Il-76...

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