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Chinese Air Force Gets More H-6K Strategic Bombers

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) recently received 15 Xian H-6K bombers with nuclear capabilities, according to Jane’s Defence Weekly. The H-6K, an updated...

Taiwan to Seek Development of an Indigenous Stealth Fighter

Taipei is determined to develop its own advanced, new generation stealth-capable fighters capable to meet the modern Chinese fighter planes in battle. Long-range flight and aerial refueling abilities, as well as the capability to launch ground and anti-ship weapons are also among the requirements outlined in a recently published quadrennial defense review (QDR)

Asia Pacific defense Update – Nov. 2012 Edition

The new issue of Asia pacific Defense Update is here! This digest of 26 articles highlighting recent defense news events from the region is based on the full version (premium content) from Defense Update and other sources, brought to you in a concise, pdf edition you can store on your desktop, read on tablets and smartphones.

China Presses On with Strategic Missile Testing

DF31A on parade
According to a US intelligence reports China has carried out a fourth flight test of an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile in recent weeks, this time, the Dong Feng-31A (DF-31A) fired from a new road-mobile transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) configuration. Last month China carried out another test firing of the mighty DF-41 - the largest ICBM in its inventory.

China’s 5th Generation Fighter Exposed

See our latest post for more news on the J-20 Reports coming form internet sites in China have published images of a large, stealth-like aircraft that, if...

2011 Flashpoints: Asia – The Chinese Dragon Vs The Indian Tiger

3rd Article in the 2011 Flashpoint - Asia Series | Beijing's aggressive "String of Pearls" strategy of securing the sea lanes from the Persian Gulf...

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