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Switzerland to Pick an Israeli Successor for the Ranger

The Swiss defense forces has shortlisted two Israeli Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for the next generation Swiss reconnaissance drone. The Heron 1 drone from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Hermes 900 proposed by Elbit Systems were the two systems shortlisted by the Swiss evaluation team

nEUROn Subsystems Begin to Assemble at Istres

Saab AB has delivered to Dassault the front and central fuselage sections of the European UCAV technology demonstrator nEUROn. Dassault Aviation the Prime contractor for the nEROn. As subassemblies and parts of the unmanned aircraft are arriving at Istres, nEUROn program is entering the critical phase of assembly and integration of the final air vehicle.

International Armored Vehicles Event Gathers Momentum

Total Mobility Vehicle is unveiling at the International Armored Vehicles a new family of vehicles designed for extreme off-road mobility. Known as the TMV...

Bighorn 120mm Mortar System

RUAG of Switzerland have developedan autonomous, smoothbore,recoiled 120 mm mortar system, designed for installation on mobile platforms such as light APCs and trucks. Among the platforms tested were Mowag 8x8 Piranha and M-113....

M971 CARGO Munition for 120mm Mortar

The 120 mm cargo munition jointly developed by the Swiss company RUAG and Israel Military Industries (IMI) is one of the ammunition types proposed for the...

Close-Range Active Defense (CARD)

Close-Range Active Defense (CARD) munitions are proposed by RUAG as means for active protection of armored fighting vehicles, threatened by infantry and anti-tank weapons...

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