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DRDO Displays MRSAM Fire Unit at DEFEXPO

The Indian Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) unveiled at Defexpo 2016 the fire unit of Medium Range Surface-to-Air (MRSAM) missile system, developed and manufactured for the Indian Air Force and Army.

China is Interested in the Russian S400 Triumf

According to some sources Beijing expressed interest to acquire Russian S-400 counter-missile system. To date the Chinese use the components of the S-300 system...

Russia Promotes S-400 at DefExpo, Eying Indian Air & Missile Defense...

Russia is pitching its top-of-the-line air defense system at DefExpo 2012 in India, this week, promoting the S-400 Triumph air and missile defense system. The S-400 causes much concern among western air forces, as none of the existing 4++ generation fighter aircraft, nor the F-35 JSF, are designed to penetrate areas defended by the Triumf.

Third S-400 Regiment To Defend Russia’s Far East

Russia is beginning to deploy the third S-400 Triumph Air Defense Missile System with an air-defense regiment based in Russia’s Far-East. The first two S-400 regiments are already deployed near Moscow and at a base in Central Russia.

S-300, Tor SAMs to Challenge Turkish Air Force Fighter in Training

Turkey is planning to buy elements of S-300 systems from Ukraine and Belarus to deploy them in its electronic combat simulation center, to be...

S-300PMU3 / S400 Triumf (SA-21)

The latest version of the high performance, strategic air defense system developed by the Almaz Science and Production Association is the S-300PMU3 / S-400...

Almaz Antei Expands, Pursuing Advanced Air Defense Systems

The Russian missile developer Almaz Antei is broadening its research and development capabilities in an effort to meet the development challenges of the 'fifth...

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