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Poland Embarks on Helicopter Acquisition Program Worth up to US$1 Billion

The Polish Ministry of National Defense is embarking on the acquisition of a new transport helicopter for the Polish military, at an estimated budget of US$1 billion. The first phase will cover 26 aircraft: 16 new medium transport helicopters for the Army; four ASW and three for Search and Rescue SAR for the Navy and three Combat SAR for the air force.

Distrust, the Main Theme at the Moscow Missile Defense Conference

Between Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov who dosn't rule out a preemptive strike against NATO missile defenses and Madelyn Creedon, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs claiming the US will not agree to any limitations on those systems, Russia's Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev reiterated Moscow's offer to run the missile shield together with NATO.

Kazakhstan to Jointly Produce Ukrainian BTR-4 APCs

An unexpected agreement was signed at Kadex 2012 Show by the representatives of Kiev and Astana about a local production of the Ukrainian 8x8 BTR-4 wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) of which Kazakhstan is meant to receive 100. The contract's value is being estimated...

China is Interested in the Russian S400 Triumf

According to some sources Beijing expressed interest to acquire Russian S-400 counter-missile system. To date the Chinese use the components of the S-300 system but are said to be willing to enter closer co-operation on military and technological levels which would eventually lead to...

Poland Requests Enhanced Weapons for its F-16 Falcons

Poland wants to modernize its F-16 weaponry with Block II Sidewinders, Enhanced Paveways and Laser JDAMs, as part of a $447 million support package for 'Peace Sky' program

Sweden, Hungary Extend Gripen Lease

The government of Sweden approved and ratified a ten-year extension of Hungary’s lease of Gripen fighter aircraft last week. Apparently, the limit of flight-hours was increased by 95%, reaching 32,000 hours in total. The leasing cost for the next 10 years will increase by around 45%.

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