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Nexter Embarks on a New Generation Caesar MK2 Upgrade

France’s Nexter company has announced the receipt of an order worth €600 million from the national armament development agency (DGA) to develop and produce a more mobile and better-protected version of its Caesar truck-mounted self-propelled howitzer to be designated Caesar 6x6 Mark 2 New generation (NG).

Germany Joins France to Establish a Joint European Intervention Force

Germany and France are jointly launching the development of a new main battle tank and self-propelled gun, what seems to be the most strategic project in the European European land defense for the next 30 years, a program package that will shape the future of European armies’ main combat capabilities

Guided Projectiles Competing Over Naval 5-Inch Guns

The Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile (MS-SGP) went through a successful first test firing from a 5-inch 62-caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun System at White Sands...

Rheinmetall, IMI Team to Propose M109 SPG Upgrades for the IDF

IMI has teamed with the German company Rheinmetall Defence to offer an upgrade package for the Israel Defense Forces M-109A5 self propelled howitzers. The modular package will enable the IDF to introduce a list of long awaited upgrades, required to maintain the M109 in service for 40 years.

Autonomous Gun Module (AGM)

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) developed the Autonomous Gun Module (AGM), a modular, air transportable unmanned turret which can be installed on various land based and...

PzH 2000 Autonomous Self Propelled Artillery

The PzH2000 was tested recently firing the Denel V-LAP extended range ammunition over a distance of 56 km, a range traditionally covered by rocket...

India Floats Self Propelled Artillery Tenders

Last week India's Telegraph newspaper reported that the Defense Ministry of India issued two tenders for the supply of 155/52 caliber artillery systems, both...

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