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Increasing Infantry Overmatch with Advanced Shoulder Fired Weapons

Seeking to increase the combat power of small dismounted teams, DARPA is studying the Massive Overmatch Assault Round (MOAR) as a way to enhance current man-portable infantry weapon systems with compact, multi-function precision engagement munitions. While some manufacturers address these capabilities with dedicated weapon systems, Saab is exploring enhancement for its proven M4 and AT4 weapon systems, to meet MOAR goals.

RAFAEL Unveils a Light, Affordable Member of the Spike Missile Family

Rafael is expanding the Spike missile family with the lightweight, man-portable Spike SR, a ‘fire and forget’ short range guided missile enabling infantrymen to...

Combining EO/Laser Guidance for Small Precision Guided Weapons

Above: The Israeli Spike MR is an advanced 'fire and forget' electro-optically (EO) guided anti-tank missile. A family of missiles based on the Spike developed...

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