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AeroVironment Introduces a New Loitering Weapon Addressing Army, Marine Corps Evolving...

Aerovironment announced today expanding its loitering weapon family, as it introduced the Switchblade 600 – the largest weapon in the family announced to date. The new weapon employs the tube-launched, collapsible wing, electric propulsion architecture as Switchblade 300, and its Blackwing variant. With longer range, extended mission endurance, and multi-purpose warhead Switchblade 600 expand the warfighter’s capability engaging larger, hardened targets at greater distances.

Robotic Systems at Eurosatory 2018

Selected photos covering some of the robotics, UAVs and counter-UAV systems on display at Eurosatory 2018

Pyros Demonstrates Lethality, Low Collateral Damage in End-to-End Test

Raytheon completed a successful warhead and guidance system test of its Pyros Stall Tactical Munition (formerly known as STM). This end-to-end test validated the weapon's guidance modes – digital semi-active laser and global positioning system (GPS), its height-of-burst sensor, electronic safe and arm device, and multi-effects warhead.

Suicide Micro-Drons

Above: Miniature missiles developed for use with small UAVs such as this Raytheon Small Tactical Missile (STM) shown above, under a Cobra experimental UAV...

Griffin & Small Tactical Munition (STM)

The Griffin developed by Raytheon was publicly displayed at AUSA 2010. The missile, described by the manufacturer as a 'Real Time Attack System', weighs...

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