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Russian Air Force Implements Battle-Forged Lessons

Lessons learned through ongoing military operations in Syria are shaping operational concepts, tactics, and technologies employed by the Russian military, and specifically by the Air Force and Naval Aviation.

Colombia Eyes Second Hand Typhoons from Spain

The Colombian Air Force is evaluating several options to modernize its fleet of fighter aircraft. Among the options being considered are used Lockheed Martin F-16 or leased Gripen fighters, as well as few twin-engine fighters including used Trance 2 Typhoons from Spain or Rafales from France, Boeing F/A-18C/D, and Russian Su-30 are all twin-engine aircraft.

Ethiopia Offered the Su-30s

Russia is offering 18 ex-Indian Air Force Su-30 fighters to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Air Force already operates 17 Su-27 models, along with earlier models...

Indonesian Sukhois Arrive at Darwin for Pitch Black 2012

Four Flanker type fighters from Indonesia are participating for the first time in the annual Pitch Black exercise in Australia opening today. Arriving at Darwin, in Northern Australia the Indonesian fighters two Su-30 and two Su-27 were escorted by to Australian No. 77 Squadron F/A-18 Hornet Aircraft.

LAAD 2011 Focus: Venezuela

Following the rise into power of Hugo Chaves, and the U.S. imposing embargo on arms sales to the country, Venezuela reached east to China...

Brahmos to Fly with the Indian Air Force in 2012

BrahMos, the supersonic cruise missile for the Indian Air Force, would be ready by next year, officials said. Destined to fly on the Su-30MKI...

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