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Unmanned Peacekeepers Over Africa

United Nations peacekeepers in Africa are expanding the use of drones to improve force protection and better secure the civilian communities in conflict areas. The UN is expected to select a supplier for a larger MALE drone to succeed the Falco UAVs operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2013. Such drones will soon launch operations from two bases in Mali, in support of UN operations in the Sahara.

100 Israeli armored vehicles supplied to three African countries

IAI announced today that the company has signed three contracts for the supply of 100 RAM armored vehicles from three military customers in Africa. One of these contracts is a follow-on to a previous order in which a military customer ordered 50 vehicles.

Syrian Jihadists turn against peacekeepers on the Golan

The collapse of the Syrian regime’s military stronghold around Quneitra, the main city in the Syrian Golan height, and border crossing with Israel has caught the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) facing a mission it was not prepared to do - face extremist Syrian Jihadist rebels that have been fighting the Syrian regime for more than two years. Two UN contingent forces from Fiji and the Philippines were involved in the fighting over the weekend.

Iran, UN Agree on Nuclear Inspection Roadmap

While the 5+1 negotiations with Iran progress, Tehran continues the 'Smile Campaign', reaching an understanding with the United Nations (UN) to cooperate on resolving...

UN Adopts Tough New Sanctions Against North Korea

Toughened sanctions implemented by the UN dictated member states to inspect DPRK ships and air cargo suspected of carrying banned materials and tighten scrutiny of DPRK officials and institutions engaged in illicit activities.

United Nations Approves Sanctions Against North Korean Companies

the United Nations’ Security Council approved sanctions against three North Korean state-controlled firms ordering all nations to immediately initiate a freeze on all the assets of the companies. The sanctions are being imposed for the firm’s role in the failed 13 April North Korean satellite launch.

The UN Goldstone Commission: A Lesson in Farcical Hypocrisy

Justice Richard Goldstone, a widely respected South African judge, is no doubt an honorable man, but his report leaves much to be desired in...

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