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INSS: An Updated Assessment of Iran’s Nuclear Program

Steam coming out of the cooling system at the heavy water production plant at Arak doesn't indicate the reactor is active. This plant is expected to enter production by the first quarter of 2014. As this reactor “go critical”, Iran will cross the point of no return in the Iranian plutonium route.

The Failure of the Moscow Talks – What’s Next?

Before the Moscow talks began, President Ahmadinejad said that Iran would be willing to forgo enrichment to 20 percent, in return for fuel for the Tehran research reactor. After the negotiations failed, expecting Iran to abandon its indigenous enrichment in exchange of a supply of 3.5 percent enriched fuel for its Bushehr nuclear power reactor seems unrealistic.

The Implications of Iran’s Second Enrichment Plant

INSS Insight By Asculai Ephraim Iran's main enrichment plant, located at Natanz, can accommodate some 54,000 gas centrifuge machines. At the present rate of operation...

Bowing to International Pressure Iran Admits the Existence of Second Uranium...

Iran is constructing a second uranium enrichment facility, sofar maintained secret by Tehran. In its message to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Iran...