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Explosive Detection – Beyond the Gateway

Portable, hand-held explosive detectors are extending security measures in areas beyond the ‘sterile zones’ defined by rigid gateways and inspection lines, enabling the routine inspection of employees, suppliers and cargo over large operational areas such as airports, container farms, industrial facilities and highways. Unveiled this week at Milipol 2015, Israel's explosive detection specialist, Laser Detect Systems, outlines how these new sensors, deployed to roadblocks and patrols, can cast an intelligence network able to track the ‘evolution of bombs’ and disrupt the stockpiling of precursory materials, thus preventing their transformation into devastating car bombs.

SUPACAT Introduces the SPV400 Light Armored Vehicle

The new vehicle is one of the contenders for the UK MoD LPPV Program The all-terrain vehicle producer Supacat launched the new light armored vehicle Supacat...

Anti-Armor IEDs are Becoming More Sophisticated

"Vehicle Armoring – MRAP and Beyond" < Page 5 of 8 > No armor is capable of rendering total protection. Armor is designed as a combination...

Shaped Charges IED in the Middle East

Start < Page 3 of 4 > Shaped charge IEDs are not new in the Middle East insurgency wars. The IDF Bomb Disposal crews have uncovered,...

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