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Russia Challenges the U.S. by Equipping Syria With S-300, Yakhont Missiles

Strategic weapon systems such as the Russian S-300 and Yakhont missiles, would put coalition ships and aircraft operating off Syrian coast at risk, this move would limit the possibility of an international intervention in support the rebels.

Israel on high alert on the Syrian border

The IDF today called to service 2000 reservists in what is defined as a "sudden drill". The reservists will be in northern Israel until the...

Who Will Seize Assad’s Secret Weapons Arsenal?

With Syria disintegrating and sliding into civil war and chaos, compromising its missile arsenal and chemical weapons, seep into the black market, falling to the hands of terrorists and extremists all over the world. Can this nightmare be averted? Who can sieze these weapons before the final fall of the Syrian regime?

North Korea Accelerates Nuclear Plans – Construct Light Water Reactor, Uranium...

yongbyon nuclear facility eros B satellite photo
The scope of the North Korean nuclear program is much larger than previously estimated by the west, as the North develops new nuclear capabilities...

Bright Onyx – active multi-spectral chemical sensor

Akamai Physics Inc., a New Mexico based company will develop a lightweight, compact sensor to enable the U.S. government to monitor ships inbound to...

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