C4 Mission Planning Tools


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Planning and preparation are always vital for the mission success, but these become critical factor in modern employment of urban operations in Low Intensity Conflict operations. Past operations in urban terrain required extensive use of large forces, requiring massive and devastating fire support that limited military activities and exposed forces to unnecessary risks when employed in LIC.

Today, C4 systems enable more efficient use of forces, based on timely and accurate situational assessment, employment of precision effects by weapons from aircraft, missiles and mortars down to the sniper, rifleman and grenadier. Mission planning tools available with current C4 systems utilize 3D modeling adapted to the urban area, enabling better terrain analysis, optimal planning of sensors positions, surveillance schemes and employment of firepower, selecting covert ingress employ flexible choice of egress routes to avoid unnecessary risks that may have happened in the area during the forces activity. Effective communications and situational awareness for all forces reduces the risk of fratricide and minimizes collateral damage and threat to non combatants.

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