EXPLORER is an observation and target acquisition system designed as an “All in one” system, offering accurate target acquisition, observation and measuring system optimized for dismounted operations. This lightweight system is designed for Special Forces, forward observers, reconnaissance patrols and any other units engaged in day/night operations. Explorer has a day/night binocular combining a 3rd GEN 320×240 InSb focal plane array thermal imager operating at the 3-5 µm and 1280X1024 CMOS for the day only channel, laser range finder, GPS, Compass, elevation measurement and IR illuminator. The system uses dual, miniature SVGA Color OLED displays and is operated on battery power for five hours. The system weights less than 3.2 kg and replaces much heavier, multiple loads carried by troops operating on extended day and night missions.

Explorer target acquisition kit form ITL
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