Another highlight of AUSA 06 was the Command Post of the Future (CPOF). Much progress has been made in this program, which started at DARPA as a technology demonstrator. Over 500 units are fielded with U.S. forces in Iraq. CPOF employs a Commander Centric software environment enabling the distributed staff to support the commander’s decisions and situational picture anywhere on the battlefield.

The system provides collaboration tools enabling commanders and staff at multiple locations to cooperate working on the same plan, track control operations in real time using advanced information processing tools. It utilizes a unique “information liquidity” feature enabling users to work with live data, process it and create the most suitable display for each user, without affecting the information itself. This capability enables multiple users to use different, live worksheets, utilizing the same information visualized in different ways. Commanders can monitor and understand the situation using ‘live’ situational pictures and graphs.

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