Network Enabled Situational Awareness – Army (NESA2) / L3 Com Implementing these technologies into sensors controlled at the brigade level and below, L3 Communications’ Com-Cept Division is offering the Network Enabled Situational Awareness – Army (NESA2), networking existing sensors to accelerate and improve target location.

NESA2 links to existing sensors such as artillery locating radars, Sentinel air defense radar, JSTARS ground control segment, Prophet SIGINT system and Shadow or Warrior UAVs and theater assets such as the Guardrail / ACS. NESA2 will establish a self-forming, software based sensor to sensor connectivity that will allow sensors to cross-cue each other based on a set of rules that reflect the tactical commanders ISR/Targeting priorities for the area of operation. L3 is planning to implement in NESA2 technologies proven and fielded with current USAF ISR systems. NESA2 will deliver a common, joint picture, leveraging all information currently in place, such as MCS, ASAS, BFT and MTS and incorporate info DCGS-A and CPOF.

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