EL/M-2052 AESA Radar


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The Israel’s Aerospace Industries (IAI) subsidiary Elta is developing an AESA version of its airborne fire control radar family designated EL/M-2052. This radar utilizes an array of transmit/receive solid-state modules designed to dynamically shape the radiation pattern using ultra-low side-lobe antenna. The radar supports pulse doppler and two axes monopulse guard channel, providing all aspect, look-down shoot-down performance, operating simultaneous multi-mode air-to-air superiority and advanced strike missions. The radar is based on solid-state, active phase array technology enabling the radar to achieve a longer detection range, high mission reliability and a multi-target tracking capability of up to 64 targets. It can also support high resolution target identification and separation, performing raid assessment at long range. as well as surface moving target detection and ranging. In the anti-shipping role the new radar provides long-range target detection, classification and tracking.

With high peak power the radar support simultaneous multi-mode operation. It can detect targets at very long range while tracking up to 64 targets, and, simultaneously engaging several targets with missiles. In ground attack missions the radar supports mapping, navigation and high resolution imagery (SAR), supported with Real Beam Map (RBM) and Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS) modes. The EL/M-2052 is designed as a modular system, with built in growth capability, computation and memory reserves. Its weighs about 130 – 180kg and consumes 4 – 10KVA, depending on the design configuration.

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