Phazotron Zhuk AE AESA Radar


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On the parked MiG-35 visting VIPs could get a closer look at the Russian latest AESA radar – the Zhuk-AE AESA, developed by Phazotron NIIR Corporation. India is already operating the BAR phased array radar on its Su-30MKI and has specified AESA as a critical element of the MRCA platform. This radar was developed with modular approach, enabling upgrading existing Zhuk ME/MSE radars, into the phased array equipped MFE/MSFE standard, deployed in MiG-29/Su-27 platforms.

This 3cm (X-band) radar. The Russians designed their radar to produce linear power output at the range of 6-8 watt, to address available power (provided by the aircraft) and performance (range). The radar uses multiple four channel transceivers modules generating an output of 5watt per channel, installed on a liquid cooled base plate to dissipate the generated heat. If a specific transceiver is overheated, it will be switched off by the radar computer until it cools down.

Zhuk-AE can detect aerial targets at ranges up to 130 km (head on) in both look-up or look down modes. Look-up tail-on detection range is 50km (40km look down). The radar can track 30 aerial targets in the track-while-scan mode, and engage six targets simultaneously in the attack mode.

The radar provides target designation data for various Russian made missiles such as the R-27R1(R1E0, RVV-AE, R-73E, Kh-31A, Kh-35E and R-27T(TE) missiles. The radar can distinguish and count closely flying targets as well as identifying targets with known signatures. Close maneuvering combat mode optimizes the system’s performance to provide effective vertical scans, coverage of the HUD field-of view, and slew to follow the helmet sighting angles. Special optimization is also provided in the helicopter detection mode, detecting and attacking slow-flying and hovering targets. In the air/surface mode the radar supports ranging, mapping and tracking of moving targets, The radar supports real-beam, Doppler beam sharpening and focused synthetic aperture modes, offering different map scale expansion, map ‘freezing’, and tracking of four targets, including ground or sea-surface moving targets. It has a sea-surface search mode. The Zhuk AE can detect a destroyer size target at a range of 200 km.

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