After failing the MMRCA competition, Saab is now aiming at another Indian program Medium range Maritime recce (MRMR). The company is offering the Saab 2000 platform, equipped with a new phased array maritime search radar and RBS-15 missiles.

Saab is offering the Saab 2000 Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the Indian Medium Range Maritime Recce (MRMR) Program. Photo: Saab Group

The aircraft is currently operational in neighboring Pakistan, where it performs the Airborne early Warning and Control role. According to the company, Saab 2000 is an ideal partner for the Indian Navy’s requirement of an aircraft with long range, extended time on station, fast response, long service life and anti surface warfare capabilities.In its MPA role, the aircraft maintains a cruising speed of 350 knots, it can climb to an altitude of 20,000 ft in 10 minutes, reaching operating area 1,000 nautical miles afar within three hours. It can operate from high altitude airfields, taking off with maximum load and fuel even at very hot temperatures. The Saab 2000 MPA can operate at a maximum range exceeding 2,000 nautical miles, with mission endurance exceeding 9.5 hours.

The Saab 2000 MPA can carry out a mission covering a 200 nm Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for 5.5 hours at an altitude of 2,000 ft, or longer patrol times at higher altitudes even up to 31,000 ft.

The Saab 2000 MPA can be equipped with Saab RBS15 anti-ship missile system and its associated Command & Control (C2) system supporting mission planning of missile launching zones, trajectories and target seeking activities.

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