The EGBU-28/BLU-113 Hard Target Penetrator was first deployed during the First Gulf War in 1991 as a laser guided munition. It is now available with GPS aided guidance (offering all-weather accuracy of less than six meters, or with laser guidance. These 18 foot long (5.7 meters) weapons, weighing 4,400 pounds (2.2 tons) each, are capable of penetrating 20 foot (6 meter) of reinforced concrete or 100 foot of earth (30 meter); these weapons are now a standard weapon with the B-2A Spirit F-15E Strike eagle in USAF service.

GBU-28 dropped from an U.S. Air Force F-15E. The Strike Eagle and B-2A are the only two aircraft in U.S. Air Force inventory capable of carrying this heavy weapon. Photo: USAF

Two versions are available – the EGBU-28B/BLU-113 carried by the Strike eagle, employing the GPS enhanced laser guidance kit and GBU-37/GAM, using a GPS Aided Munition guidance kit, carried by the B-2A Spirit stealth bomber. The bombers’ almost undetectable APQ-181 Attack Radar and GPS aided GAM/GATS targeting system provide a true all weather around the clock precision capability. (More on the GBU-28 development at from ausairpower)

The U.S. has recently delivered deep penetration guided bombs to Israel, according to the New York Times quoting unidentified U.S. officials. In the past, Israel requested such weapons several times but delivery was halted due to political pressure. EGBU-28 weapons were already on the way to Israel two years ago but the shipment was diverted elsewhere.

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