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  • Orbiter 4 (NITZOZ) UAS to Enter IAF Service Sep 21, 2022Orbiter 4 (NITZOZ) UAS to Enter IAF Service
    Israel’s Air & Space Force (IAF) has recently reactivated the 144th squadron at Hatzor air force base, a new unit destined to operate the Orbiter 4 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) under a new multi-domain force sharing IAF, ground, and intelligence forces assets. These platforms will provide the aerial layer of Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) ‘Storm Clouds’ program.
  • Rheinmetall and UVision Awarded First Order for HERO-30 Loitering Munitions Sep 3, 2022Rheinmetall and UVision Awarded First Order for HERO-30 Loitering Munitions
    Rheinmetall and its partner UVision have won the first order from a major European NATO military force for HERO loitering munitions. The customer, a special forces unit, placed an initial order for Hero-30 combat and training munitions, simulator, training courses as well as integrated logistics equipment and support. This first order is worth a figure in the single-digit million-euro range with possible additional orders that might be expected. The exact number of munitions to be supplied is classified. The order was placed in July 2022, with delivery scheduled to take place by 2023.
  • New Launchers for Laser Guided Rocket Aug 31, 2022New Launchers for Laser Guided Rocket
    While large caliber weapons such as the M142 HIMARS and its M31 GMLRS rockets are making the headlines in the Russian-Ukrainian War, smaller, more agile guided rockets have evolved, utilizing the laser-guided light rockets. Initially, these weapons utilized standard launchers, but recent developments from Thales, BAE Systems, and L3Harris have optimized the use of such weapons by helicopters, special operations forces, and unmanned vehicles.
  • A New Chinese Loitering Weapon Appears in Thailand Aug 29, 2022A New Chinese Loitering Weapon Appears in Thailand
    Today, Chinese aerospace company ALIT unveiled a new type of loitering weapon at the Thailand Defense and Security 2022 exhibition. The canister-launched version on show in Bangkok has a larger and heavier warhead. The ALIT display at D&S2022 outlines two versions of the weapon. The FH901 has a takeoff weight of 9 kg and carries a warhead of 3.5 kg.
  • Israe’s Mafat to Evaluate Bird Aerosystems’ HybridEye – a New Active Protection for Ground Forces Jun 14, 2022Israe's Mafat to Evaluate Bird Aerosystems' HybridEye - a New Active Protection for Ground Forces
    Israel’s Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Research and Development (MAFAT – DDR&D) has tasked BIRD Aerosystems to demonstrate a prototype of an active defense system that will protect ground troops and high-value assets against airborne threats (including anti-tank guided missiles – ATGM). The system called ‘HybridEye’ was unveiled at the Eurosatory 2022 exhibition. The system provides hemispheric detection of threats and provides target data for passive or active countermeasures on board.
  • Plasan Unveils the Light and Mighty WILDER at Eurosatory 2022 Jun 13, 2022Plasan Unveils the Light and Mighty WILDER at Eurosatory 2022
    Plasan is expanding its range of combat vehicles adding new platforms every year. This year at Eurosatory 2022 the company is introducing a new version of a light armored vehicles called Wilder. Representing a new automotive concept, Wilder represents a shift from the traditional armored vehicle design based on commercial chassis. The new vehicle is designed for special missions, providing excellent offroad mobility, good armor protection for the crew compartment and up to 800 kg of payloads. While the Wilder and AteMM were developed separately, the two platforms offer unique advantages when coupled together. According to the vehicle designer Nir Kahn, Wilder was conceived as an ultralight armored vehicle moving four soldiers. Unlike the Stinger that was based on a modified hmmwv chassis, Wilder repreents a clean shheet design. “We are using 4×4 all-wheel drive, with a center, front, and rear differential locks, enabling excellent stability on the road, with extreme maneuverability off-road. To improve maneuverability in confined space, Wilder can be fitted with front and rear steering to perform in narrow urban terrain. As an off-road armor-protected vehicle Wilder demonstrates impressive performance in climbing a 400mm vertical step, 80% vertical slope, 54% side slope, 600mm trench crossing, and fording 600mm of water. The vehicle has a structural integral ‘bolt-on’ protection capsule with advanced composite armor and large transparent plates meeting STANAG 4569 Level II. The armor is provided as a ‘kitted hull’ ensemble bolted onto the monocoque capsule, thus enabling field replacement, and upgrading of the protection system. The spacious cabin is configured with the driver seated in the center, having unobstructed forward and side views, with three troop seats on the side and center rear, enabling the three soldiers an adequate coverage of all angles with an overhead view provided by the instrumented sensors and RCWS. This configuration is also ...
  • Israel MOD to Test its new Robotic Combat Vehicle by 2023 Jun 13, 2022Israel MOD to Test its new Robotic Combat Vehicle by 2023
    The Israel Ministry of Defense will begin testing a Medium Robotic Combat Vehicle (M-RCV) developed by the Ministry’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), the Tank and APC Directorate, and the Israeli defense industries. The robotic combat vehicle will be unveiled today at Elbit Systems’ pavilion at the Eurosatory Defense and Security Exhibition. Field testing are scheduled to begin in 2023, testing the robotic vehicle in representative scenarios.
  • ATeMM – It Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Trailer Jun 12, 2022ATeMM - It Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Trailer
    A new platform developed by Plasan may provide a solution for some of those needs. At Eurosatory 2022 Plasan showcases the All-Terrain Electric Mission Module (ATeMM), which provides an array of services to enhance the autonomy of tactical units, particularly in load carrying, electrical supply, and robotics operations. In fact, ATeMM is positioned to provide a mobility and autonomy ‘multitool’ that comes in handy in numerous use cases.
  • Aeronautics Adds VTOL Capability to Orbiter-4 Jun 12, 2022Aeronautics Adds VTOL Capability to Orbiter-4
    The Israeli UAV maker Aeronautics is introducing its Orbiter 4 Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (STUAS) modified into a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) platform. The VTOL system comprises a kit that can be added to any Orbiter 4, enabling users to operate the drones without ground support (pneumatic launcher, parachute, and airbags). The VTOL kit includes four electrically driven rotors mounted on booms attached under the wings, which also have batteries to drive those rotors. The new attachment enables users to launch and retrieve the Orbiter 4 with a full payload from any flat surface. The kit can be used with any Orbiter 4, including operational aircraft that would need minor adjustments to the wing.
  • IDF Special Forces to Get Hundreds of Z-MAG Commando Vehicles Jun 8, 2022IDF Special Forces to Get Hundreds of Z-MAG Commando Vehicles
    The Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) in the Israel Ministry of Defense will purchase hundreds of combat vehicles from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the use of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Special Forces units. The new commando vehicles have exceptional all-terrain capabilities, such as carrying payloads of 1.5 – 2.5 tons, and supporting carrying four to nine fully equipped soldiers and their equipment.
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