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Enhanced Tow System for the US Marine Corps’ LAV-AT

Raytheon successfully completed an initial round of live-fire testing with a new U.S. Marine Corps Light Armored Vehicle Anti-Tank (LAV-AT) weapon system. Equipped with the TOW-II missile, the upgraded LAV-AT weapon system is designed to protect reconnaissance and light infantry teams. Its mission is...

New ICBM Under Development in Russia

The Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology (MITT) is developing a new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) under the name RS-26 Rubezh. This ‘medium class’ ICBM attributed as ‘fifth generation’ missile is in a different weight class from the Topol-M/Yars, as it is intended to supplement...

Japan and U.S. Agree to Broaden Military Alliance

Against the backdrop of pressing regional tensions, the United States and Japan agreed Thursday to broaden their military alliance, including by adding a new missile defense radar system in Japan and cooperating to combat cyberthreats. The New York Times reports today. Most significantly, the United...

Alenia Aermacchi Carves A Niche For a New Jet Trainer

Alenia Aermacchi offers the M-345 as a basic-advanced lightweight fast jet trainer with Life-Cycle Costs comparable to those of heavyweight turboprops. The company claims the jet-trainer provides much better training effectiveness over turboprop powered trainers, as it offers a real jet environment and real jet handling. With its flexibility and flying qualities, in particular at high operational speed, the aircraft allows significant “downloading” of flying hours from the advanced training phase.

Chinese Air Force Gets More H-6K Strategic Bombers

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) recently received 15 Xian H-6K bombers with nuclear capabilities, according to Jane’s Defence Weekly. The H-6K, an updated version of the H-6 bomber (originally, a locally built version of the 1960s vintage Russian Tupolev Tu-16 bomber), is a medium-sized...

Boeing Receives US Army $4 Billion Multi-year Contract for Chinook Helicopters

In an agreement that will save the U.S. government more than $800 million, the Army and Boeing have signed a $4 billion multi-year contract for 177 CH-47F Chinook helicopters, with the Army holding options that could increase its total buy to 215 aircraft. Deliveries from...

Paris Airshow Review – Photo Report

All photos: Noam Eshel, defense-Update The Russian Su-35S, making its international debut here at the Paris Airshow, stole the show with breathtaking aerobatic performance that would compete with the best stunt pilots flying aerobatic planes. The Russian fighter, equipped with 3D thrust vectored nozzles, and a...

Paris Air Show Photo Report – Unmanned Systems

All photos: Noam Eshel, defense-Update

Imdex Asia VideoReport

This is the full report of Defense-Update VideoReport, covering the recent IMDEX Asia maritime exhibition. Stay tuned for additional reports from the Paris Airshow this week!

LS3 Robot Prepares for Testing with the Marine Corps

DARPA's Legged Squad Support System (LS3) four-legged robot is preparing for the planned tests that will evaluate the performance of the four-legged robot as an integral member of a marine combat squad. Defense-Update reports. Toward this critical evaluation the LS3 is undergoing field evaluations...

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